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French Drawstring Bucket Cylinder Straw Bag White

Sale price$35.00


Chic Simplicity

Designed with a drawstring closure, this bag not only exudes elegance but also offers practicality. The adjustable drawstring allows you to customize the bag's shape, providing versatility to match your outfit and mood. Whether you're strolling through a charming market or attending a summer soirée, let this bag be your style statement.

Nature-Inspired Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the allure of nature with our French Drawstring Bucket Cylinder Straw Bag. Handwoven with care, the natural straw material embodies the essence of eco-friendly fashion. The cylindrical shape echoes the organic beauty of a blooming flower, creating a harmonious blend of fashion and nature.

Embrace sustainability without compromising style

The straw material not only adds a rustic charm but also ensures durability, making this bag your reliable companion for seasons to come. As you carry this piece of nature, feel the connection to the environment, and make a statement that goes beyond fashion.

Size: 16*20*26cm