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Designer Bucket Straw Bag with Leather Handles

Sale price$35.00


1. Chic and Sustainable Design
Elevate your style with our Designer Bucket Straw Bag, a perfect blend of fashion and eco-friendliness. The natural straw material not only adds a touch of bohemian flair but also aligns with your commitment to sustainable fashion. Stand out with a unique accessory that showcases your taste for elegance and environmental consciousness.

2. Versatile Functionality for Modern Living
This isn't just a bag; it's your stylish companion for every occasion. The leather handles provide a luxurious touch while ensuring durability for your daily adventures. Whether you're headed to a brunch, a beach day, or a shopping spree, the Designer Bucket Straw Bag is designed to meet your needs. With ample space and convenient pockets, stay organized without compromising on style.

Size: 19*13*7cm