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Black and White Pearl Checkered Beaded Handbag

Sale price$33.00


Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Indulge in the allure of meticulous craftsmanship that defines this exquisite handbag. Each bead is intricately woven to form a timeless checkered pattern, creating a visual masterpiece that seamlessly blends black and white pearls. The result is a unique accessory that not only complements your ensemble but also showcases the dedication to detail that sets this handbag apart.

Evening Extravaganza

The black and white pearls catch the evening lights, creating a captivating play of shimmer that complements your evening attire. Be the center of attention at social gatherings, dinners, or night-outs with this glamorous accessory by your side.

Personalized Luxury

Show your thoughtfulness by choosing a gift that reflects the recipient's unique style. The checkered pattern adds a personalized touch, ensuring that your gesture is as individual as the person receiving it. 

Size: 15.5*12*19cm